Slavoj Žižek

A collected downloadable bibliography of Slavoj Žižek, a world-renowned philosopher, political theorist and theoretician of Lacanian psychoanalysis.


1989, The Sublime Object of Ideology
1991, For They Know Not What They Do
1992, Enjoy Your Symptom!
1992, Looking Awry
1993, Tarrying with the Negative
1994, The Metastases of Enjoyment
1996, The Indivisible Remainder
1997, The Abyss of Freedom/Ages of the World
1997, The Plague of Fantasies
1999, The Ticklish Subject
1999, The Fright of Real Tears
2000, The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime
2000, Contingency, Hegemony, Universality (co-authored with Butler & Laclau)
2001, Opera’s Second Death (co-authored with Dolar)
2001, Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism?
2001, On Belief
2001, The Fragile Absolute
2002, Welcome to the Desert of the Real
2003, The Puppet and the Dwarf
2003, Organs without Bodies
2004, Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle (partial)
2006, The Parallax View
2006, The Neighbor (co-authored with Santner & Reinhard)
2006, Interrogating the Real (collected writings)
2006, How to Read Lacan
2007, The Universal Exception (collected writings)
2008, Violence
2009, In Defense of Lost Causes
2009, Mythology, Madness, and Laughter (co-authored with Gabriel)
2009, First As Tragedy, Then As Farce
2010, Living in the End Times
2010, Philosophy in the Present (co-authored with Badiou, my transcription)
2011, The Monstrosity of Christ (co-authored with Milbank)
2012, God in Pain (co-authored with Gunjević)
2012, Less Than Nothing
2012, The Year of Dreaming Dangerously
2013, Demanding the Impossible
2014, Event: Philosophy in Transit
2014, Žižek’s Jokes
2014, The Most Sublime Hysteric
2014, Absolute Recoil

Editor and Contributor

1992, Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Lacan
1994, Mapping Ideology
2003, Jacques Lacan: Critical Evaluations in Cultural Theory
2004, Revolution at the Gates: Žižek on Lenin
2005, Theodor Adorno: In Search of Wagner
2006, Lacan: The Silent Partners
2007, Trotsky: Terrorism and Communism
2007, Mao: On Practice and Contradiction
2007, Robespierre: Virtue and Terror (missing)
2010, The Idea of Communism (Vol. 1) (co-edited with Douzinas)
2013, The Idea of Communism 2: The New York Conference (Vol. 2)


1994, The Making of Political Identities
2000, Jacques Ranciere: The Politics of Aesthetics
2002, Georg Lukács: A Defence of History and Class Consciousness
2002, Lacan and Science
2002, Reading Seminar XX
2004, Think Again – Alain Badiou and the Future of Philosophy
2004, Transcendence – Philosophy, Literature, and Theology Approach the Beyond
2004, Immanence, Transcendence and Utopia
2004, Hitchcock: Past and Future
2007, Adventures in Realism
2009, Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader
2009, Cultures of Fear
2010, Paul’s New Moment
2010, Alain Badiou: Five Lessons on Wagner (missing)
2010, The Speculative Turn
2011, Occupy!: Scenes from Occupied America (missing)
2011, Hegel & The Infinite
2011, Democracy in What State?
2011, What Does a Jew Want? (missing)
2012, The Case for Sanctions Against Israel (missing)
2012, Hegel’s Rabble
2012, Concept and Form (Cahiers pour l’Analyse)

Secondary Literature

2003, Tony Myers: Routledge Critical Thinkers
2004, Glyn Daly: Conversations With Žižek
2004, Ian Parker: A Critical Introduction
2004, Matthew Sharpe: A Little Piece of the Real
2005, Rex Butler: Live Theory
2005, Geoff Boucher, Jason Glynos, Matthew Sharpe: Traversing the Fantasy
2006, Jodi Dean: Žižek’s Politics
2007, Fabio Vighi & Heiko Feldner: Žižek – Beyond Foucault
2008, Adam Kotsko: Žižek and Theology
2008, Adrian Johnston: Žižek’s Ontology
2008, Marcus Pound: A (Very) Critical Introduction
2008, Thomas Brockelman: Žižek and Heidegger
2009, Adrian Johnston: Badiou, Žižek, and Political Transformations
2009, Geoff Boucher: The Charmed Circle of Ideology
2010, Fabio Vighi: On Žižek’s Dialectics
2010, Matthew Sharpe & Geoff Boucher: Žižek and Politics: A Critical Introduction
2011, Introducing Slavoj Žižek: A Graphic Guide

Book series edited by Žižek


1995, Miran Božovič: The Panopticon Writings
1998, Alain Grosrichard: The Sultan’s Court (missing)
1998, Renata Salecl: Perversions of Love and Hate
2000, Alenka Zupančič: Ethics of the Real
2001, Alain Badiou: Ethics

Short Circuits

2003, Alenka Zupančič: Shortest Shadow
2005, Jerry Aline Flieger: Is Oedipus Online? (missing)
2006, Mladen Dolar: A Voice and Nothing More
2007, Lorenzo Chiesa: Subjectivity and Otherness
2008, Alenka Zupančič: The Odd One In
2009, André Nusselder: Interface Fantasy
2009, Henry Bond: Lacan at the Scene
2010, Anca Parvulescu: Laughter (missing)

SIC Series

1996, Gaze and Voice as Love Objects [sic1]
1998, Cogito and the Unconscious [sic2]
2000, Sexuation [sic3]
2003, Perversion and the Social Relation [sic4]
2005, Theology and the Political: The New Debate [sic5] (missing)
2006, Jacques Lacan and the Other Side of Psychoanalysis [sic6]
2007, Lenin Reloaded: Toward a Politics of Truth [sic7]


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