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A few months after the closure of the website in the fall last year I have decided to set it back up again. Since then it has moved from, which bears my name, to, in desire for it to be more of a collective project. Unfortunately all of the backups from my previous work have been lost and this means that the entire 3000+ subpages that were originally here have to be put up again manually, including rebuilding the server code and adjusting the aesthetics to something acceptable.

The website is currently in quite a bad state, almost empty, and current hosting server has some technical difficulties which causes it to go offline after every update and also at random almost daily, which means I have to buy a better server with a higher monthly cost. Right now the last update caused the website to completely crash and I will wait until tomorrow to restore it. It’s currently running on a backup mirror. On top of that I’m without proper bandwidth internet until August which means that the work on the site right now is progressing a lot slower than I would want. Mostly this means that I can’t upload a lot of data at once, but have to split it across many days.

My wish is to restore the website to its previous functionality, which first of all means a lot of work. During its peak time the site had almost 2000 daily viewers, many of which depended on it mostly to get news and research material associated with the authors whose work was being featured. As it stands right now its gone back to the development phase and it will take a lot of time and resources before it can rise back up again.

I am asking anyone that would be willing to contribute in any way to step forward and contact me at My previous mistake was not collaborating enough with others that might be willing to help the project in any way. I am looking for people that would be willing to contribute content and news, maybe even content that I used to have on my website but have since lost. You can upload any files you might want to send me to hosting website and then send me the link. I am also asking for anyone that would be willing to contribute financially to give a donation by using the PayPal button above or sending a donation to

Thank you,

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